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On a good day, I have about $100 in my bank account and three or four twenties in my wallet. On a bad day, I stare blankly at my closet, frustrated with what I find (or don't). Are you like me? Do you walk past Saks to get to Filene's Basement? Is H&M your splurge store? Do you grin proudly when someone compliments your Payless shoes? Or are you just cheap? Join this group and share the triumphs and tribulations of your cheap chic style. Bookmark great items you find online, or post about your adventures in shopping on a budget. Keep it cheap, keep it chic! NOTE: I know there are other awesome groups on TeamSugar devoted to inexpensive shopping - I didn't realize that when I started this one, and I would encourage you to join or visit those other groups as well!

My Favorite Heels-Mossimo® Virginia Nude Pumps for $30

Posted By FashionWithoutGuilt on May 19, 2010 at 11:40AM

Target Missimo Virginia $29.99

Where do I begin? Maybe a couple of months ago, as I was browsing through the shoe section in Target and I came across these "GEMS". As we all know that nude is a very huge trend this summer, having a great pair of "go-to" nudies are the only way to go.

I try to wear them every chance I get. Trying to find the right nude shade and tone can be difficult sometimes. But the Virginia heel from Target is definetly a woman's staple wardrobe item.

If you plan on doing some shoe shopping anytime soon I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a pair of these Bad Boys. ASAP.

P.S. I think I am going to buy another pair just so that I can have them for the fall because I am going to get my money's worth this summer.

Check them out-Mossimo Nude Virginia Heel for $29.99

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